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Oct 19

Written by: Sundeep Misra
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 

By Michael Nobbs

Well, another game under our belt. We started off playing very well. We had more room to play our style and that paid off early. We had most of the control of the game for the first 25 mins where we led 3-0 thanks to SV Sunil, Yuvraj Walmiki and Raghunath.

After that it was a very even tussle. The second half was a different story. NZ came out hard and we defended well until some lapses in defense and they found the net three times to equalise.

We struck back again with a classic attack down the right wing, crossed the ball and Tushar belted it away. We were then two goals up and some very sloppy defense cost another goal late in the game but we managed to eke out a 5-4 win.

NZ are a very tough team physically and this poses a problem. As we thought, we are 6-8 kilos lighter than our Australian and European counterparts. In the next game, Pakistan played a very tired Australian A team and won 2-1 but still Australia should have won, missing many chances that they put away in previous games. What was interesting to note was the Pakistan team were no match physically and were brushed aside in all physical tackles against Australia.

David John our exercise physiologist said will require 7-8 months to build up our physical size so as to match the top teams in the world. We start the Super series on Wednesday night and have been informed by Rick Charlesworth that there might be some more minor variations to the rules. It will be a very interesting tournament and any team could win. Hopefully it's us. However, Australia will be playing its full strength line up.

(Michael Nobbs is the Indian men's hockey coach)


1 comment(s) so far...

Re: India beat NZ 5-4; Nobbs confident of Super 9s

attack is the best policy. rattle the defence and score quick goals and then control the midfield and look for openings and counters. the aussies though attack for 70 minutes and thats truly amazing. it will be impossible for any team in the world to thrash australia. their defence and goalkeeping are tremendous. the loss to pakistan is a one-off thing. happens to the best.

i always thought the indian physique was great for hockey. obviously, in these days of power hockey, things are different.

my only concern is -- when do i get to see the matches??

dates and timings and telecaster would be most welcome. indians need to see hockey and get it back into their consciousness. until then, its at best a waking dream!

jai hind

By rajendar menen on   Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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